Bananas will one day rule the world…

BANANABUSTERS November 12, 2009

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Please go to http://bananabusters.wordpress.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/bananabusters

It’s mine, Yasminrose’s and Fire Peny 88’s new blog and youtube channel! It’s all explained there and on Yasminrose’s page about bananas!


BANANAS ARE BAD November 6, 2009

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Look at this article: http://fatladysingz.com/2008/04/12/did-you-bananas-are-bad/


If that doesn’t convince you enough to stop eating bananas forever, maybe this TRUE STORY will…

Once upon a time there was a nice little school in a nice little village in a nice little country. One day a teacher called S.N.A.I.L (names are used to protect identities) joined the school, the teacher was very strict and found giving uniform detentions fun and loved maths. Not long after he’d joined he decided he wanted more power so he kidnapped some brainy people and held them hostage in the staff room.


He got the brainy people to program bananas so when people ate them it sent chemicals to their brains so that they were controlled by S.N.A.I.L, before you knew it S.N.A.I.L was ruling the world and made everyone worship him, anyone who didn’t have a perfect uniform was sent to jail forever. The only thing you were allowed to do was maths, he even deleted the internet! S.N.A.I.L was president of the world and a giant talking banana was vice president. People were very miserable but couldn’t do anything about it.






S.N.A.I.L November 3, 2009

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ALIENS ARE INVADING!!! We have eye witness evidence on Halloween night! Their leader is a navy alien in disguise as a weird teacher! We saw flashing lights in the sky!


How we know the “teacher” (known by the codename S.N.A.I.L – standing for stupid navy alien invasion leader) is an alien:

He LIKES giving out detentions

When he stares at you his eyes go all big and look like they’re going to pop out of his head

He says weird things, we even caught him talking to some girls in our form about fashion!!!

He’s old yet he walks around wearing gold-framed glasses at break and he once wore a leather jacket!!!

He’s always late because “he has to get to our form room from a far away classroom” more like he has to get back from the mothership!


If you know any other information about the alien or saw the mothership on Halloween, please comment!



:D November 2, 2009

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The wonders of the internet!

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Do you ever wonder how the internet works or is just me? The answer is I have no idea, so lets just worship the people who created the internet and everyone will be happy!!!


Stuff the internet has brought us:

The ability to become famous for doing something stupid within seconds! (e.g Youtube)

You can purchase 100 bananas from Tescos without having to leave the house!

And lots of other cool stuff like wordpress!


You have been reading a random, pointless blog by RandomPerson1996 😀




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Social vibe is a brilliant widget located to the right of this blog, all you have to do is click on it then press a maximum of about 6 buttons and Colgate Smile will donate to the selected charity and it costs you nothing!!!


My Background

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Wow, there are SO many backgrounds to choose from, I love the one I have at the moment but there are also loads of others I love to! Has anyone got any suggestions for my background???


Welcome to my blog!

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Hi everyone, this is my blog and I have no idea what I’m doing 🙂 At the moment I’m wondering why it says “howdy” randomperson1996 in the corner, do they think I’m a cowboy or something? Anyway, this is a random blog about random stuff because, well I don’t have any specific interests, that’s about it so… bye!